Sunday, January 27, 2013


Hi! My name is rk and I decided to start this blog due to my love for making commentaries for many articles and listing my own thoughts. And I thought it would be nice to provide an outlet for future discussions and such if anyone decides to come visit and find any of my topics interesting ^^! I'm always open for different opinions and learning about new ideas so I hope this blog can connect me to different people as well!

But first, I shall properly introduce myself. I'm from two different cultures (Japan and US) and it has always been a great interest to me to read about societal topics from both cultures. Recently, both cultures have become a little more proactive on approaching certain issues such as suicide and gender I felt as a person from both countries, I should be more proactive in voicing my opinions. I loove US and Japan for multiple reasons and I think each country is special. But there are MANY issues that both countries still need to improve on. So I hope to create discussion to educate myself and others.

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