Thursday, May 2, 2013

How to be popular with the Arashi members? Analyzing the type of girls that Arashi members like.

On the June edition of “Nicola”, a feature called “Arashi mentioned this! ‘This type of girl would be who I like’!!” was included. It deeply analyzed the type of girls that Arashi members mentioned on their TV show.
On the variety show, “Arashi ni Shiyagare” when Nagase Tomoya appeared, the Arashi members discussed about their ideal type of girl. On the magazine, we thought that “Girls loved by Arashi=girls who will be popular to guys” and so we based off their opinion from their TV show and introduced a topic called, “Girls Who Would Be Popular To Arashi” and listed specific techniques to be popular.

Type that Ohno Satoshi likes…

Ohno Satoshi’s favorite type is “a girl who would let me be”. To be popular to someone who finds this important after starting to date would need to “not get mad even if the LINE response is late”. He also mentioned that it is NG to talk about his way of dress.

Type that Sakurai Sho likes…

Sakurai Sho’s favorite type is “a girl who has a cute smile”. To leave an impression with your smile, it’s important to have a technique to “smile when the eyes meet” and “make the atmosphere constantly bright with your smile”. But it would be a negative if you smile while having a serious conversation.

Type that Aiba Masaki likes…

Aiba Masaki’s type is “a girl who is admirable”. We will introduce techniques to show that you’re ‘admirable’ by ‘taking notes’ and ‘sending texts to show you care’ when he’s not going to school.

Type that Ninomiya Kazunari likes…

Ninomiya Kazunari’s type is “a girl who will always be my ally”. This type wants to be approached after knowing each other for a while. So it’s effective to “believe in him even though he may be accused” and “support” and not laugh at him even when he makes a mistake.

Type that Matsumoto Jun likes…

Matsumoto Jun’s type is “a girl he likes”. As he is the type you can’t really have a certain measure with this type so it’s important to do the basics of being popular, which is ‘smile’ and ‘talk about a relatable topic’.

Other techniques were also mentioned. And other discussions by men models happened as well. More detailed opinions and measures are introduced. (Model Press)

Information by: Nicola


First actual translation post and it's going to be about my favorite idol group, Arashi! I was simply translating it because I could show to other Arashi fans their favorite types. But this also shows how young preteen girls are encouraged to act a certain way for 'guys to like them'. It kind of shows how difficult it is and considered 'unnatural' to be yourself...

Saturday, March 30, 2013


I wanted to start this blog earlier but due to personal situations, it constantly was delayed. I hope to eventually start blogging more and more often and post more articles!

I thought it would be nice to brainstorm a bit on what to do. I am thinking of translating articles but I'm thinking of also just simply expressing views on certain social topics. It'll be a challenge but once I get it going, I think it'll be great ^^.

As someone who struggles to find acceptance in either culture, I hope this will be a nice gateway for me to connect and bring understandings towards the two cultures.

For now, I wanted to explain the delay and from now, I'll try gathering more stuff and be more active!

Sunday, January 27, 2013


Hi! My name is rk and I decided to start this blog due to my love for making commentaries for many articles and listing my own thoughts. And I thought it would be nice to provide an outlet for future discussions and such if anyone decides to come visit and find any of my topics interesting ^^! I'm always open for different opinions and learning about new ideas so I hope this blog can connect me to different people as well!

But first, I shall properly introduce myself. I'm from two different cultures (Japan and US) and it has always been a great interest to me to read about societal topics from both cultures. Recently, both cultures have become a little more proactive on approaching certain issues such as suicide and gender I felt as a person from both countries, I should be more proactive in voicing my opinions. I loove US and Japan for multiple reasons and I think each country is special. But there are MANY issues that both countries still need to improve on. So I hope to create discussion to educate myself and others.